# Installation Instructions


All needed repositories - including this one - are to be installed via abapGit (opens new window)

# Install of dependencies

  1. Install abap-ui-toolbox (opens new window)
  2. Install abap-search-tools (opens new window)

# Install DB Browser


The system must be at least NW v7.50

  1. Install abap-db-browser (opens new window)
  2. Ignore DDIC activation errors
    1. Due to some dependencies to objects - which are created in a later install step - there are several DDIC objects which cannot be activated
      DDIC Activation Errors
    2. Continue with ENTER
  3. Activate objects when the dialog appears
    1. Activate them regardless of errors
      Activate Objects
    2. Result from Activate Objects
      Activation Errors
  4. As some DDIC object are now still in status New or Inactive they have to be activated manually. This can be done with the Report RADMASG0_C3
    1. The following Flags should be changed
      • [ ] Authority Check
      • [X] Force Activation
        Selection Screen
    2. Choose objects to be activated via Direct Objects button on the screen
      Mass Activation Object Selection
    3. Execute the activation via F8
  5. Check if there are still objects to be deserialized via transaction ZABAPGIT (or Program ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE) depending on your abapGit installation. If it's the case that there are still some objects that are only remotely accessible, perform another pull.
  6. The transaction ZDBBR aka DB Browser should now start without any errors