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Available Transactions

  • ZDBBR - DB Browser (The main program)
  • ZDBBR_SEARCH - DB Browser - Central Search (Transaction which is mainly focused on the search for DB Tables/Views, Queries or CDS Views)
  • ZDBBR_SQLCONSOLE - SQL Console for testing SQL code or creating custom sql queries

Feature Set

  • Data selection from DB-Table, DB-View, CDS View, Custom Queries
    • Use Grouping and Aggregation functions
  • Jump into data maintenance


    This is only possible if transaction SE16N is installed on the system

  • Create Favorites for your most used DB entities (Like SAP Easy Access Tree menu)
  • History of your most recently used DB entities
  • Create custom value helps for your selection fields
  • Integrated advanced search capabilities for DB entities
  • Advanced ALV Data Output
    • Live Filter → Filter is directly converted to selection criteria and triggers a new DB select


      Can be turned off in user settings

    • Perform Row Grouping - Like SQL Group By
    • Quick Filter via Keybinding F9 - Currently selected Cells are converted into ALV Filter
    • Hide/Discard Rows which are not relevant
    • Compare one or several rows - The rows should be sorted
    • Show additional text columns for columns whose data type has domain fixed values or an assigned text table
    • Show the cell content in a popup code editor
    • Easy search and navigation to columns
    • Total calculation for arbitrary selected cells
    • Direct navigation to SQL Console defaulted with the current select statement
  • Advanced Features for CDS View
    • Support for Parameters
    • Follow Defined Associations (like ADT Data Output) up to 8 Levels deep
    • Navigate to Sub Entity (Association or Base Entity)
    • Show the dependency tree of the CDS View (like ADT feature)
    • Feature if CDS View has Annotation @Analytics.query=true:
      • Open in Analysis for Office (Excel)
      • Open in Transaction RSRT (i.e. Query Monitor)
      • Open the Query in the SAP UI5 App Design Studio
    • Calculation of virtual elements
  • Create Custom Queries (Non-SQL)
    • Create Joins (Inner, Left/Right Outer) to DB-Table, DB-View or CDS View
    • Create custom selection mask for your Query
    • Customize output field order
    • Customize sorting
  • Create Custom Queries (SQL)
    • Create custom query with SQL
    • Declare parameters to parameterize your SQL query
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